The Best Music Videos Starring Cats

(YouTube)For some reason neither Katy Perry nor Taylor Swift has gotten around to making a cat-themed music video, but thankfully there have been plenty of other artists holding it down for the kitties on MTV and, of course, the Internets. Like, for example...

"Natural Thing," Nobody Beats the Drum
All you need for a decent music video is a handful of cats, a couple of dogs, a ferret, and a laser. Seriously. That's it.

"Red Lights," Holy F**k
Someone in Holy F**k wanted to pay homage to Toonces the Driving Cat, obviously.

"There There," Radiohead
Thom Yorke gets to witness a pair of cats getting married in this Bagpuss-inspired clip. Lucky.

"Triumph of a Heart," Björk
This masterful Spike Jonze video has an orange cat playing Björk's boring but reliable boyfriend. The beat is punctuated with meows, too.

"Opposites Attract," Paula Abdul
The most memorable kitty co-star remains Paula Abdul's animated pal MC Skat Kat, even more than 20 years after this video's original release.

"The Joker," Fatboy Slim
There are some videos that are infinitely better than the songs they accompany. This is one of them. Kittens in costumes buying drugs! Baby ducks! Yes!

"Crazy for You," Best Coast
A particularly handsome feline plays a demanding director surrounded by a stoned slacker kitty crew. Aww, stoned kitties.
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