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Things That Need to Happen in the 'Psych' Reunion Movie

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Wait for iiiiit!

Well, Psych-Os have certainly waited long enough for a Psych reunion, and it’s finally happening. Turns out, patience really is a virtue, ha!

This holiday season, Shawn, Gus, and the rest of the Psych gang will once again reunite on the small screen in Psych: The Movie. The two-hour TV extravaganza began filming on May 24, and the TV movie will premiere in December 2017. While we know few details about the plot, we most certainly have a lot of suggestions. In fact, we made a whole list of things that totally need to happen in the Psych movie reunion, otherwise we’ll be left screaming “C’mon, son!” on the top of our lungs. So grab a pineapple razzmatazzie and keep reading to find out what’s on our list.